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Alluring Boston Terriers LLC is a state licensed Kennel, breeding & Raising AKC Boston Terrier Puppies is our primary Activity, All our puppies come from a champion bloodline. They are all healthy and have great temperaments.
We are a family owned & operated business. Our mode of operation is far from a traditional kennel, we make sure all our animals, especially our dogs are treated as Our own children and are fully integrated into our family.The Boston Terrier is a utility breed that is popular as a companion dog. The breed originated in the US in the late 19th century. This breed has a nicknamed the 'American Gentleman,' but he is also known as the Boston Bull, Boxwood, and Boston Bull Terrier. The Boston Terrier is a cross between an English Bulldog and the now-extinct English Terrier. This Bull breed is a very intelligent and incredibly adorable canine companion.
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There are differing claims on how the Boston Terrier dog breed came to be. One report suggests that the breed existed in the late 1800s, with his origin traced back to Boston, Massachusetts. Some thought that this breed hailed specifically from New England City located in Boston. This small Boston Terrier dog was created when certain wealthy families crossed the English Bulldog with the now-extinct English White Terrier to develop new pit fighting and bullfighting dogs. Other stories credit a Bostonian, Robert C. Hooper, who brought an English Bulldog-English Terrier dog named Judge from England in 1865. Another account suggests that Judge was purchased by Hooper from another Bostonian, William O'Brian, in 1870. Judge weighed over 12 kilos and was interbred with the French Bulldog, paving the way for the Boston Terrier that we know today. He was considered the father of this small Bull breed. The Boston Bull Terrier gradually transitioned from a bulky bullfighter to a small and affectionate family companion after years of selective breeding. The first Boston Terrier was shown and exhibited in 1888 in a class under the 'Round-Headed Bull Terriers of Any Colour.' Thus, at one point, the breed was known as the Boston Round Head. The breed was also called Bullet Head and Bull Terrier. This Bull breed used to be called the American Bull Terrier as well. However, strong objections from Bulldog and Bull Terrier owners put a stop to this. He was named Boston Terrier when a Mr. J Watson or a Mr. H Lacey came up with the name for the breed in 1893. This was also the year the American Kennel Club officially recognised the breed. It led to the founding of a breed club called the Boston Terrier Club of America. The Boston Terrier club membership was only exclusive to Bostonians at first, but the popularity of the Boston Bull became widespread in the United States around the 1950s.


The Boston Terrier is a small but solidly built, muscular, and well-balanced dog. He sports a square-looking head, distinctive wide and erect ears, and a slightly curved neck. The muzzle is short and without wrinkles. The Boston Terrier dog breed belongs to the brachycephalic (short head) class of dogs. Like other brachycephalic dogs, the Boston Terrier has a slightly undershot bite that gives him a pushed-in face. He has a broad chest with a boxy appearance. The tail is also short and set low on the hindquarters. The Boston Bull Terrier should weigh 5–11 kilos and should stand 38–43 centimetres tall at the withers according to breed standards. If you have heard about the Teacup Boston Terrier, know that this is not recognised as an official dog breed. Buying this small dog is discouraged as he is highly prone to serious health problems. The Boston Terrier dog wears a short, smooth, and fine coat that comes in three colours: black, seal, or brindle. This smooth-coated breed should also have white markings covering his chest and muzzle, a band around the neck, half on his forelegs up to the hocks of the rear legs, and a white blaze between the eyes. A Boston Terrier dog is enthusiastic, sweet, and intelligent. He has a merry sense of humour and is clownish. This adorable Bull breed loves to be the centre of attention and around people. He is a certified lapdog and will be content to stay indoors and cuddle or snuggle.The Boston Bull mainly loves being around people of all ages and other pets, both canine and non-canine, if properly socialised. Still, playtime must be supervised to prevent any untoward incidence. Young and older children should be taught how to gently handle the Boston Terrier to avoid both parties' injuries during playtime. The Boston Terrier has an average lifespan of 13—15 years if well-cared-for


WHY THE Boston Terrier

A Boston Terrier dog is enthusiastic, sweet, and intelligent. He has a merry sense of humour and is clownish. This adorable Bull breed loves to be the centre of attention and around people. He is a certified lapdog and will be content to stay indoors and cuddle or snuggle.They have a beautiful coat, very good with kids.


We are the Jackson's Family, Marquil Jackson, Breonta Jackson Jackson & our 3 Boys Run & operate Alluring Boston Terriers on Our 40 Acre Ranch. I grew up on a ranch where my parents raised Horses, I still do. My Wife was a Vet Tech but quit her job to concentrate on our Ranch. Contact Us to Learn more


Our natural philosophy to not dock tails, leave dew claws, use of species specific natural raw diet, and the well being of leaving dogs intact, reflect modern researched health benefits, and our personal beliefs as breeders.


Firstly the quality of the puppies we produce, that's enough reason to trust us.
Second our experience and assistance. We have been breeding & raising Boston Terriers for 10 yrs now. We provide lifetime assistance for all our puppy families. We offer a 1 Yr Health & Genetic Guarantee.


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